Bariatric operations


Bariatric operations, i.e. surgical treatment of obesity in people with grade II and III obesity, not only lead to weight loss, but also increase sexual life satisfaction. This is the main conclusion from the research published in the JAMA Sugery magazine. 

Almost 70 percent women and over 73 percent men with obesity who are eligible for bariatric surgery complains about many sexual dysfunctions, including decrease of libido. A team of researchers led by Dr. Kristine Steffen from North Dakota State University in Fargo (USA) decided to check how bariatric operations affect the sexual life of people with obesity. 


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Specialists have examined over 2,000 (!) Patients after bariatric surgery, including over 1.6 thousand. women and 429 men asking them detailed questions about sexual contact before and after the procedure. It turned out that within 1 year after the surgery they improved in more than 50 percent. operated. The patients confessed that after the procedure they felt the increase of libido, they also had more sexual contacts and felt greater satisfaction with close-ups. 

Commenting on the results of research by Dr. Kimberly Steele from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore (USA), he believes that greater satisfaction with sex after a bariatric surgery is associated with a decrease in body weight and a better quality of life experienced by patients. In the US, about 200,000 (!) Bariatric operations are performed annually, but mainly in women. Dr. Steele hopes that with the latest research, more men will opt for surgical treatment of obesity. 


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Posted on: June 6, 2019

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