Alcohol and slimming – can you drink alcohol on a diet?


Drinking alcohol on a diet can be a problem.It is caloric, stimulates the appetite, and slows metabolism.This does not mean, however, that during weight loss you have to completely give up.Alcohol can be drunk from time to time, even if you are on a diet but you have to do it in the right way so as not to interfere with weight loss.


Alcohol = empty calories

Drinking alcohol definitely makes it difficult to reach your dream weight target.First of all, you must realize that alcohol is very caloric.1 gram of pure alcohol provides 7 kcal.For comparison, 1 g of carbohydrate and protein is 4 kcal and fat is 9 kcal.A pint of beer is about 250 kcal, and a glass of vodka – 55 kcal.We rarely stop at one, and 3 beers sometimes even half the woman’s calorific limit on a slimming diet.Remember that alcohol is empty calories – besides energy, it does not provide any nutritional value.Of course, red wine or beer has a positive effect on health when consumed in small amounts, but not because of the alcohol contained in it, and accompanying substances, such as polyphenols.Drinking alcohol, we provide ourselves with calories in liquid, which makes it even more difficult to comply with the daily energy norm.Drinks, even very caloric ones, do not give the body a signal about covering energy demand and satiety.After drinking 3 glasses of vodka, which are about 150 kcal, we will not feel saturated, and after eating a slice of bread with a boiled egg and vegetables with similar calories, yes.


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Alcohol stimulates the appetite

Everyone who even occasionally drinks alcohol, certainly noticed during the drink increased appetite, especially on the expressive taste of food – spicy, salty and preferably greasy.In a 1999 study of 52 women and men with normal body weight and overweight, it was shown that consumption of alcohol 30 minutes before a meal increases the amount of food consumed in this meal.This relationship was not observed when administering to the subjects before eating a carbohydrate, fat or protein drink with the same calorie content as alcohol.Each alcohol stimulates the appetite, however, beer has the biggest influence on the need to eat.Hops, which belong to cannabis plants, are responsible for this.Beer is also the biggest threat to a slim figure for another reason.It has a very high glycemic index (110), even higher than pure glucose.Drinking beer, therefore, results in rapid changes in blood sugar and insulin ejection, and a large amount of insulin circulating in the bloodstream promotes the deposition of adipose tissue.

Drinking alcohol may interfere with your diet for one more reason – it promotes the loss of self-control.Temptations that we deal with every day without problems can become much more problematic in the company of friends, after drinking a few glasses of wine or glasses of vodka.Therefore, if you are slimming down, go out to the places where you will not be able to reach for caloric snacks, and prepare dietetic versions for meetings at home.


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Type of alcohol Unit of measure Calorific value

  • Light beer. A pint of 500 ml 245 kcal
  • Dark beer. A pint of 500 ml 340 kcal
  • Vodka A glass of 25 ml 55 kcal
  • Gin A glass of 25 ml 46 kcal
  • Whiskey Portion 50 g 110 kcal
  • Dry white wine. Lamp 150 ml 99 kcal
  • White semi-sweet wine. Lamp 150 ml 123 kcal
  • Red dry wine. Light 150 ml 102 kcal
  • Red semi-sweet wine. Lamp 150 ml 144 kcal

The effect of alcohol on metabolism

Drinking alcohol is not without consequences in our body.As a result of its digestion a toxic substance is formed – acetaldehyde with which the liver has to cope.Alcohol causes increased diuresis, and with the water from the body are removed minerals.Keep this in mind when drinking alcohol and regularly hydrating.

The biggest problem of people who are slimming and caring about the figure is the influence of alcohol on metabolism.Due to the fact that the body is unable to store energy from alcohol in any form, during drinking it deals first with its metabolism.The processes of using energy from food very much slow down and the probability of storing calories from meals in the form of adipose tissue increases.Alcohol becomes the first source of energy to utilize.First of all, the processes of fat oxidation from food are slowed down.Slower fat metabolism can persist up to 24 hours after drinking alcohol.In the case of carbohydrates and proteins, the effect of slowing down the combustion is much smaller.

People who are slimming often combine diet with training.Among them, you may find that drinking alcohol causes muscle loss.It turns out that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol after training does not adversely affect its effects.It does not deepen microinjuries or decrease strength.Certainly, you should not reach for alcohol before training.It may cause injuries due to loss of concentration and coordination.It also lowers efficiency, endurance and speed.


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How to drink alcohol so as not to ruin the effects of weight loss?

Alcohol in larger quantities has a negative effect on the body, and drinking badly can effectively prevent the achievement of a dream figure.Does this mean that you can not reach for alcohol while slimming?Of course not.Alcohol can be drunk, but in the right way and with caution.By following the instructions below, you should not have a problem with weight reduction.

  1. Choose wine

If you feel like drinking alcohol, it is best to reach for a dry wine.It is the least calorific of all alcohols, and also provides valuable antioxidants that have a positive effect on the heart.

  1. When drinking, do not reach for snacks

After drinking alcohol metabolism changes to its burning, and energy from food is stored in the form of adipose tissue.If you want to minimize the risk of weight gain after the party, do not snack while drinking.It’s best to eat a solid, nutritious meal before you plan to drink alcohol.You will be safe before drinking on an empty stomach and it will be easier for you to control the desire to reach for snacks.

  1. If you are on a strict diet, align the amount of calories

If you use a diet with a strict caloric limit, take alcohol into it.I do not encourage you to eat, for example, 700 kcal during the day, when you plan to drink a lot, but make sure that the meals are slightly smaller than normal.Alcohol will also work well after a few days without any deviations.

  1. Give up sweet drinks

When you decide to drink vodka, give up drinking her sweet drinks, and in particular do not choose colorful and sweet drinks.Each glass of cola is an additional 100 kcal, a cosmopolitan drink – 147 kcal, a pinacolada – 180 kcal, and a mojito – 190 kcal.Being on a diet, drink vodka with water with a lot of squeezed lemon.

  1. Irrigate yourself

It is very important to top up liquids when drinking alcohol, because alcohol acts on the body dehydrating.It is through dehydration and a shortage of minerals the next day after drinking alcohol we feel unwell, we are headache and dry mouth.The body’s response to dehydration is to compensate for losses and to retain fluids in intercellular spaces.Hence the feeling of swelling and the higher indication of weight.To avoid this, drink water between alcohol, preferably a glass for each drink and a glass of wine.

  1. Reach for alcohol in moderation

Drinking alcohol according to the above rules for company and pleasure every 2-3 weeks will not destroy the effects of weight loss.However, you should drink skillfully and not overdo it with the amount.


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