Abdominal training – 6 exercises on ABS with a load


In building abdominal muscles, the recipe has never been and will not be just exercises. The key issue is the selection of a diet that will allow you to shed excess body fat, which prevents the exposure of muscle. With the exercises below, you can count on strengthening the abdominal muscles, which will also translate into progress in exercises for other parties. Try a balanced abdominal workout and observe your own progress!


  1. Rolling forward using a barbell

That is the work of the abdominal muscles by rolling the barbell forward. At the beginning, it is recommended to work with an empty barbell, and then adding plates, until it will be possible to perform several series after a minimum of 10 repetitions. During this exercise, simple muscles work, but above all, deep core muscles. In addition, the exercise does not burden the lower back.

It is worth lifting your feet up and resting on your knees only, so that you do not get your legs involved. Hands should always be straight, even when barbell “enters” under us. Their arrangement resembles the initial phase of the pump.


  1. Raising legs with a load hanging over the bar

A popular exercise that only needs to be modified to make it murderous. During his performance he does not only work on the abdomen, but also small back muscles, hip flexors and biceps. Remember that less leg deflection increases the involvement of hip flexors to the detriment of abdominal muscles.

When simply lifting the legs in the overhang is not enough, attach the dumbbell placed between the feet and manipulate the weight along with advancing. Remember that rocking, jerky movements and all kinds of bursts are very bad due to the reduction of muscle tone. Use the full range of motion to not shorten muscle fibers, just stretch them.

If you feel strong, you can try to make repetitions on diagonals that are even more demanding. Try to perform 3 series after about 8 – 12 repetitions.


  1. Rowing in the plank position

Plank is usually performed statically, which brings a number of benefits, but putting on a dynamic exercise can bring additional benefits. It allows you to train each page individually, its uniform development and reduction of differences. We make a plank on two dumbbells, of which we alternately move upwards, with the torso deviating, one of them. As a result, one of the dumbbells is above our head. During the exercise, we should follow the hand movement of the head, keeping the back straight. The dynamic performance of the plan is an exercise that supports the stabilization of the torso and the activation of abdominal oblique muscles.


  1. Moving the end of the bar from side to side

To perform the exercise, we will use a neck with a load imposed on one side. The other end of the bar (empty) should be blocked. More or less from the height of the head, we make a turn to one side, once to the other, up to the level of the hips. Be careful that the hips remain motionless during the exercise, and the abdominal muscles and hands are twisted. Take a stable position that will allow a slight hitch.


  1. Keeping lying down on the side with the plate in your hands

One of the popular ABS exercises that we do not always do correctly. Find a stable bench and lie on it sideways so that the hip is at its end and the rest of the body hangs. I started my legs on the posts on which the barbell is put. Lower the torso until it is parallel to the ground. Try to withstand 60 seconds on each side. During the exercise, hold the plate at the chest, At the beginning, a small weight is enough. You can increase it with prog. An additional difficulty may be pushing the plate in front of you during the exercise.


  1. Tummies with a load

We recommend doing the exercise on straight legs in the knees, because the deflection causes tension in the back. In addition, this setting better isolates the abdominal muscles and excludes the hip flexors slightly. Make sure you do not tug the body while floating up. They only have to work on the abdominal muscles. Start by lying on your back with the plate held over your chest on your straight arms. When lifting up, lift the plate over your head and then slowly return to the starting position.

Posted on: October 30, 2018

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