A six pack is made in the kitchen


Belly as forged from stone – you can have it too! You will get rid of persistent tire only thanks to proper exercises and adjusted nutrition. A big belly will spoil the overall impression you make – even trained chest and shoulder muscles will not help. Now, however, you can make your belly flat and hard as a board!

Fat reduction – how it works

Abdominal muscles must be exposed. Steven Todd, sportsman at McFIT, during the competition start-up he reduced adipose tissue to unimaginable 4.6%. However, you can have a good look for a good look in the body a little more fat For men, enough as a rule, the content of body fat at the level of 10%, so that the abdominal muscles become visible – says the multiple winner bodybuilding competitions and expert in the field of fitness. The fastest way to reduce fat levels in the body is to combine strength training with cardio training. Do not bet on long marathons! The right motivation is also important. In addition to a clearly defined goal, the gym in which you train is also important.

Thermo Stim HardcoreLast touches and athletic belly ready

In comparison with regular cardio trainings, High Intensive Interval Training is a real hit! This is due to the fact that short HIIT units not only improve your endurance as well as long cardio workouts, but also allow you to burn a relatively higher number of calories. And this is not the end – also the number of calories burned by your body after training is much greater. Losing weight and saving time – it not only sounds phenomenal, it is phenomenal!

Your HIIT training

Develop a circuit training for you that will load your cardiovascular system. Ideally suited for this exercise using their own weight, for example, mountain climbers, crocodile clips or running with a raised knee. At the beginning, short sprints are enough for 10-15 seconds, but they must lead you to the limits of your abilities. The rest phases are usually two to three times longer than the intensive exercise phases. You should increase the sprint time from week to week.

A six pack is made in the kitchen
To develop a six pack, you do not need any diets and you do not have to go hungry. Just a calorie deficit of around 500 kcal per day and paying attention to the right proportions of macronutrients for fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The general rule is 40% proteins and 30% fat and carbohydrates – this is the right direction if you play a lot of sport. You should eat unsaturated fat, which you can find mainly in avocados, nuts, fatty fish and in olive oil and linseed oil.

Posted on: September 23, 2019

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