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10,000 steps a day is the minimum that guarantees a beneficial effect on the health of our body.If you are not convinced by running, walking, nordic walking or stepper is the perfect alternative in the fight for a good form.A daily walk of about 8 km affects the figure and lowering blood pressure – according to a study conducted by Global Corporate Challenge on a group of over 60,000.employees from 55 countries around the world.The conclusion of a short walk or work in the garden is a guarantee of health and physical fitness is a myth!

Walking a sport is a challenge!

This athletics discipline has gained immense popularity after the successes of Robert Korzeniowski.In a big simplification, the walk consists in overcoming the route with a march.The basic condition is continuous contact of at least one player’s foot with the ground.The gait practiced in order to lose unnecessary kilograms also requires control, although not as strict as during the competition.It’s a pedometer, a small device that converts the distance traveled to … the number of steps.


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Nordic Walking for everyone

The beneficial effects of the march with special poles were discovered by the Finns in the 1920s.Initially dedicated to cross-country skiers, it quickly gained popularity in various geographical latitudes.Nordic walking can be practiced in almost all conditions throughout the year on three levels of activity – health, fitness and sports.

The poles used during the march allow to stimulate the work of muscles evenly on both sides of the body.Thus, during the training, we develop the strength and endurance of the arms, and at the same time reduce the load on the knees, hips or back.We also improve the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Thanks to the smaller load on the joints, this form of activity is particularly popular among the elderly and those who struggle with obesity.Poles help to maintain a correct posture, and increase stability during walking.Interestingly, Polish consumers often confuse them with trekking poles designed for walking on mountain terrain.


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Stepper, meaning stairs to nowhere

You can also walk in the comfort of your home.Of course, we do not mean going up the stairs – although this form of activity has its own group of supporters.The stepper enjoys a large group of enthusiasts.Regular training in home conditions allows you to quickly burn unnecessary fat on your thighs, hips and waist.- Stepper training can be performed by people of any age.It stimulates the work of muscles of the iliac girdle, thighs, muscles of the shins, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

The choice of the form of exercise depends on our individual needs and expected results.Regardless of the decision, everyone can go out alone.And without having to bear enormous costs on the passes in the fitness club!


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Posted on: January 15, 2019

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