A light breakfast favors slimming!


Contradictions between dieters

Breakfast is the subject of a dispute between dieters. Usually, opinions are divided as to what form it should have. Should it contain carbohydrates or be based only on proteins and fats. Opinions are divided as to whether they should be consumed or not, or what volume should be. Researchers from the Technical University of Munich decided to address this issue.


Researchers looked at 280 obese people for 10 days and 100 people with normal body weights for 14 days. During this time, the number of calories consumed and the period of the day on which they were eaten were recorded. Researchers took into account the relationship between breakfast habits and the number of calories consumed.


It turned out that the observed people who ate rich, large breakfasts, consumed more calories during the day. The same conclusions apply to people with a normal body mass.


If you are a person whose goal is to reduce body mass, you should give up large, full-board breakfasts for smaller meals or give up breakfast at all.

The solution to an intermittent fast can be a bulls-eye here if we are dealing with a person for whom the control of calories per day is problematic.

Posted on: August 27, 2018

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