6 mistakes that will prevent you from slimming


The world would have been more beautiful if there were one miracle diet, acting absolutely on everyone.The truth turns out to be more cruel and for anyone to lose weight without problems and can eat almost as much as you like, there are dozens of people struggling with weight loss.What can be the reason for the difficulty?Here are 6 things that can make slimming difficult.

  1. You reevaluate your physical activity

We like to think about ourselves, like athletes, active people who enjoy excellent fitness.With the decision to lose weight, we decide to run regularly, several times a week we go to training and instead of the car we choose a bike. These are all excellent decisions, however, the most important in the weight loss process.However, they have one negative side.

They can make you overestimate the number of calories you burn.Three strength trainings a week, jogging and cycling, of course, affect the caloric demand, but not as much as we think.Example?Commuting to work by bike.In many calculators, you can count how many kcal you burn during an hour’s drive, however, a sports and dynamic session is included which can not be compared to a peaceful glide bicycle path.You can also cheat on pulsometers, bicycle counters and other devices measuring our energy expenditure.In fact, they are extremely imprecise and their results should be treated only as a curiosity.


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  1. Decrease the number of calories consumed

What connects a glass of juice, a few bananas, a handful of candies and olive oil?The fact that very often we do not include them in the caloric balance.Lowering the calories consumed is the most popular reason for the resounding of the already famous sentence, I eat very little, and I’m not thinning anyway!

It is not physically possible to take fewer calories than the caloric needs of the body and three.It would mean that we have created periphery mobile and we can get ready to receive the Nobel Prize.What does this mean for us?If we eat, as it would seem not much, and yet we do not lose weight, most likely we eat too many calories, which we did not count.If not, it is worth testing for metabolic diseases.

  1. You destroy the worked out deficit with chitami

Cheat day is a good way to alleviate your diet, eat your favorite forbidden things and speed up your metabolism.Provided you do it with your head.Otherwise, the promotion will end up destroying the effects developed during the week.It may turn out that we will consume a large caloric surplus in one day of chelation, that the total caloric balance on a weekly scale will exceed the assumed limit with a vengeance.

How to avoid this?First of all, do not treat cheat day as a day when everything can be done.Instead of eating more burgers, pizzas and ice cream, plan a reasonable limit.It is assumed that it is not worth exceeding 120-150% of the calorific demand.For some people, it will be better to weave small sins into your daily diet.This significantly increases morale and allows you to survive the reduction in a good mood.However, if you can not stop yourself and eat one of the cubes of chocolate, it causes an avalanche of eating sweets, stay away from the cheats from afar.

  1. You confuse healthy products with low calories

Fit breakfast cereals, healthy bars, vege burgers – healthy food today has its five minutes.We like to surround ourselves with healthy products, because they evoke in us the conviction that we are doing well.How does this affect weight loss?As it turns out, it can have a dark side.Taking care of health is one thing, and keeping an eye on calorie – the other.It is worth remembering that healthy food does not have to be low-calorie.This can be seen, among otherson the example of popular bars made on the basis of dates, which are healthy, but high-calorie.More examples?Peanut butter, student mix, coconut oil, fruit juices.Healthy food can be very caloric.The point is not to avoid it, but to be aware of how many calories we consume.Otherwise, we will return to error # 2.

  1. You eat too little

Many slimming people think that the less we eat, the faster we lose weight.Although the effects of fasting will be relatively fast and the weight loss will initially be even very large, it’s easy to hurt yourself a lot.Remember that slimming is fat loss, not strenuous loss of pounds.You need energy to live, train, work and your body is an energy-hungry calorie machine.A drastic reduction in the supply of nutrients is in the long-term masonry problems with the endocrine system, health and the yo-yo effect.


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  1. You forget about protein

The protein is on the reduction of a reliable ally.It provides a feeling of fullness for a long time, and its burning requires more energy in the body than in the case of fat and carbohydrates.In addition, the protein works anti-catabolic, and thus helps to maintain the muscle mass developed with workouts.Lack of protein in a slimming diet can result in fast recurrent starvation and loss of muscle instead of fat tissue.Effect?Unsightly silhouette of skinny fat.

What should be the dose of protein in your daily diet during reduction?It is assumed that it should oscillate in the range of 1.5-2 g protein per kilogram body weight.We include both protein of animal origin (full-value) and vegetable (with an incomplete aminogram).Good sources of protein includelean meat, curd, fish, eggs, legumes and protein supplements.The latter, available in various flavors, will satisfy the temptation for sweets.


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Posted on: December 18, 2018

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