5 meals a day?


Sometimes we have the impression that there are so many people on this subject. Some say that there is no reason to eat more than two or three meals a day. Others think that the best way is to have six or more small meals during the day. What is the answer?


It all depends on our goal (diet or training) and the needs and preferences of our body. Athletes should eat much more often to provide the right amount of calories (more meals facilitate the delivery of more calories) and keep glycogen stores at the highest possible level. People on a reduction diet usually fall into two groups, some prefer to eat three larger meals because they want to feel a sense of fullness, others can not stand more than 3 hours without something in the mouth so they choose 5-6 small meals during the day. Is one of the tactics better or worse? Definitely not. Both are good.


Energy and regularity!

The key is the number of calories we deliver from these meals and the regularity of their consumption. If the goal is to gain weight, you should maintain a positive energy balance of the diet, and thus provide more calories than the body needs during the day. However, if you want to lose weight it is necessary to reduce the amount of calories consumed daily by about 500-1000 compared to the amount of energy resulting from energy needs. Another important issue is the regularity of eating meals and therefore fairly spaced.


There are many advantages to eating regular meals, for example

  • higher rate of basic metabolism (PPM),
  • the blood sugar level is constant, so there are no hunger pangs
  • less risk of snacking between meals
  • less appetite, between meals thanks to which another meal will be better thought out and our relatives will not suffer, which often happens when we are angry and hungry;)


Why is regularity so important?

This is because, by feeding our body at regular intervals, we send a signal that it does not have to accumulate energy that will be useful at the time of hunger, but it can calmly use it for physical activity. The phenomenon of accumulation of energy into “hard times” of hunger is the natural behavior of our body when it receives nothing for many hours which provides it with energy.


Better to eat 3 or 5 meals?

Research indicates that it really does not matter much. It all depends on our habits and the rhythm of the day. For a person working in the office is not a problem eating 2 breakfast at 11, and then reheating dinner at 14. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury. Therefore, sometimes it is more convenient to consume 3 meals, but you must remember that increased hunger can make us eat more. In this case, we recommend measuring portions of the individual components of the meal and not adding food during consumption.


In conclusion, regular consumption of healthy meals is an important weapon in the fight against unwanted kilograms, as well as a good recipe for health and sensational well-being. The number of meals during the day is a very individual matter and everyone should listen to their body and not be impressed by opinions and models of feeding friends from the gym or friends. Remember, not always what is good for others is good for you.

Posted on: October 22, 2018

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