4 exercises on the wide back


Building strong back muscles is crucial for overall aesthetics. Wide backs not only look good in themselves, but also make the waist look smaller, increasing the famous V shape. If you want to widen your back, try these 4 exercises.


  1. Pulling the upper lift bar down on straight hands

This exercise is one of the few that isolates the broadest muscle of the back, while maintaining minimal bicep activity. Thanks to this, a rapid increase in muscle mass is possible. Use the stick, keep your arms straight and pull it down to the level of your thighs, leaning slightly forward. Then return to the starting position. Perform 5 series of 15 repetitions.


  1. Pulling the upper lift handle down in one hand with one hand

This exercise, in turn, effectively isolates the broadest dorsal muscle, which leads to an increase in the width of the back. Grasp the rod with one hand so that you feel the maximum stretching in the upper phase of the movement. Then pull down so that the bar is at shoulder level. Pulling the upper lift bar in one hand with one hand should be done in the simplest form so that only the broadest back muscle will work. Perform 5 sets of 10-15 repetitions.


  1. Pulling on the rod in a wide grip

This exercise is absolutely necessary to develop an impressive back. This version is more intense than in the case of a normal grip. Grab the bar wider than the shoulders and control the muscle tension during the entire downhill path with each repetition. Pull up so that the rod is at chest level. If you can do 10 reps, add weight. Make 5 series for muscle fall.


  1. Pulling on the stick with the use of the handle V

This exercise is not as popular as it used to be during back training. Place the handle V on the top of the rod and pull up to touch it with your chest. Focus on the activation of the back muscles and upper back when lifting up. Remember that you can not sway.

As you can see, developing a broad back requires a proper technique of exercises and the ability to isolate only the broadest muscles are crucial. Add these exercises to your plan and observe the growth of your back.

Posted on: November 2, 2018

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