3 requiring abdominal exercises with the weight of your body


Current fashion trends are slowly moving away from promoting the pattern of a massive lumberjack, in favor of the athletic-crossfit figure. Greater emphasis is placed on the representative qualities of the sculpted figure, which is the golden mean between the weight-lifter’s and the surfer’s figure, as exemplified by the great interest in abdominal muscle training.

Body mass training

Training with the weight of your own body is considered by many professional athletes as the best way to build a functional figure with expressive muscularity and high strength potential. An additional advantage of the kalistenic exercises is the low risk of injury during intermediate exercises and the possibility of conducting training at home. Below are 5 extremely demanding exercises on the abdomen using the weight of your own body.


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  1. Raising your legs in the hanging bar

This is the most common exercise that engages all parts of the abdominal muscles and part of the lateral muscles.

In the standard variant, it consists in raising legs straight in the knees, with the fingers pinched almost to contact with the rod on which we hold.

The key to the correct technique in this exercise is to control the swinging and stabilizing position in the overhang. The movement should be moderate, in no way free from periodic spurts.

Due to the high difficulty of this exercise, which in addition to the strength of the abdomen also requires strong and durable forearms, it is recommended that the first approaches are performed by lifting the legs bent in the knees, and gradually weaving movements with full extension.

Lifting legs can also be made in a support on handrails or acrobatic hoops.

  1. Board (Plank)

Forearm support on the forearms, commonly referred to as a board is an isometric exercise, focused on modeling the abdominal muscles, through a deep sculpture and tonus improvement.

An unquestionable and special advantage of Planka is the almost zero load on the spine, which is a very characteristic feature of the lion’s share of this party’s exercise.


  • Lean on your forearms and toes
  • Set the elbows so that they are under your shoulders
  • The body must be in a straight line all the time – the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels are to form one line
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles and maintain a straight position

An interesting variant of this exercise is the so-called Plank sideways, consisting of holding a fixed position in the lateral forearm in the lateral position.

  1. Lifting the trunk in the overhang on the bar

To perform this exercise, in addition to the rod you will also need specialized brackets (hooks), or incredible strength of the tibia.

This exercise consists in doing a kind of crunches. Difficulty is an unusual position, head down. Torso rises follow the same as raising legs in exercise # 1, slowly and without rocking. It is very important to control both the positive phase of the movement and the negative phase.

Due to the high pressure associated with the placement of the head, this is not an exercise that is recommended to beginners training.


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Posted on: December 4, 2018

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