3 exercises that will reduce pain in the shoulders


Pain and injury after shoulder training? No more fears! Progress and muscle growth should not cause any unpleasantness or injury. Get to know the movements that have been introduced for shoulder muscle training, avoid shoulder problems and keep them in top condition. Check out 3 exercises that will reduce pain in the shoulders and allow you to intensify the training effects in the gym.

  1. Pulling the upper lift cable to your face

Attracting the upper lift to the face is a great exercise that develops the upper part of the four-sided muscles, improves the posture and balance of the shoulder muscles. This exercise, which does not allow you to work with a heavy load, it definitely improves the results of each shoulder muscle training.

Attach the handle to the shoulder height.

Grasp the handles and move away to the point where you feel resistance.

Take the blades as hard as possible.

Pull the face holder and hold for 1 second.

Then straighten your arms in the elbows and repeat the movement 20-25 times.

The exercise can be used with other training equipment, ie resistance rubbers.

Exercises on shoulders are associated with bench press dumbbell or barbell. A certain training principle says about doubling the number of Pull (pulling) movements to Push (push). This means, for example, 20 repetitions of paddling for every 10 push movements. It is worth paying attention to this rule – there is some truth in it. However, do not panic if this ratio is not perfectly 21. Here, the pull of the upper lift cable to your face comes to your aid


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  1. Torsion of the torso in the support

It’s time to ensure that your spine does not look like a question mark. Shoulders, which are pulled forward by contorted muscles and oblong back, condition the adoption of the wrong posture during exercise. The twist of the torso in the support is a great exercise.

Take the position in the front support with your knees on the ground.

When you are working with your right hand, make a torso twist directing the right shoulder to the ground and the right hand as far as possible to the left.

Then, go back with the same traffic path and raise your straight arm pointing your hand to the ceiling. Repeat the same for your left hand.

Make 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each hand, taking care of the exercise technique and slow repetition rate.

  1. Shrugs with a barbell held above your head

Classic shrugs are performed with the barbell lowered – in this exercise, the tool will be over your head.

With stiff elbows and blocked weight, we will lift the blades.

For the movement to take place correctly, you must focus on the exercise itself.

Take the shoulder blades, pin back and move up with the blades – if you want to touch your ears with your arms.

In order to increase the voltage, it is worth keeping this position for a second or two, then lowering the blades down with a slow, controlled movement.

We can perform Szrugs both as a separate exercise and as a supplement to the training. 8 – 12 repetitions per series will be enough.


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Posted on: December 5, 2018

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