20 myths about weight loss (part 2/2)


Who at least once in his life was not on a slimming diet, let him first throw a stone.Overweight is more and more affecting people, so slimming is a topic whose popularity is growing.Unfortunately, many harmful myths have arisen around him.They distract from the dream effects and deprive us of motivation at the start. How is it with this weight loss? Here are the 20 most popular myths.


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Myth 11 FIT and LIGHT products are less fattening

Are you sure?Lack of fat does not mean that the product is non-fat.Most often in light and fit products we find a huge amount of sugar that fattens more than fat.The fat-free products would simply be unpalatable (fat is the carrier of taste), so producers save themselves in sugar in various forms.

Myth 12 Fruit can be eaten at will

The fruits are healthy, contain vitamins and valuable fiber.Some of them (eg bananas, grapes or cherries) also contain many sugars that may be fattening for us.Eating a few bananas or a kilo of grapes is a few hundred kcal intake, mainly in the form of carbohydrates.As in any case, it is necessary to keep moderation here.

Myth 13 A healthy diet is very expensive

Not true.Vegetables, healthy carbohydrates (rice, cereal, potatoes), lean meat (chicken, turkey) or fish can be very cheap.You do not need to reach for goi berries, or other expensive products to lose weight. NMit 14 Before slimming you need to detox

Detoks are in fashion.The number of cocktails, blends, diets and rituals used to cleanse the body is endless.How is it really?It turns out that the body perfectly cleans itself, thanks to the liver and kidneys.It is enough to change the healthy diet so that these toxins do not provide too much.

Myth 15 Do not eat after 1800

Each of us goes to bed at another time.The notorious hour of 1800 has nothing to do with science.And she says that we can eat a meal even before bedtime, provided it is easy to digest.Similarly, the heavier the meal, the earlier it is worth eating.Falling asleep at hunger makes absolutely no sense.On the contrary, it’s easier to get a nightly uncontrolled snacking.

Myth 16 Cheat meal can be done only once a week.

A cheat meal made once a week usually ends with a total debauchery.We push into each of these dishes and snacks that we felt like during the whole week of healthy eating.It is very easy to exceed the total weekly or monthly balance.It is definitely better to introduce a small snack into your daily menu, including it in the calorie balance.It is a joy not only for the body, but also for the spirit.


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Myth 17 To lose weight, eliminate gluten from the diet

Gluten, a mixture of vegetable proteins, is sometimes accused of all the evil of this world.In fact, it only harms people with celiac disease or food allergies.For the rest of society, eliminating gluten from the diet is not recommended, the more so that we give up the many valuable ingredients contained in grains.

Myth 18 Fat burners do not work

Fat burners are often identified with herbal slimming tea, the only effect of which is the diuretic effect.It is worth remembering, however, that the best fat burners are much more complex supplements with perfectly documented, confirmed effects.They contain a number of active substances that will help us in slimming.

Myth 19 You have to eat a specific number of meals at a strictly defined time

Regularity in eating matters, it is a fact.However, we should not approach the subject too restrictively, because we are not slaves to the diet.Whether in the context of the whole day we eat 3.4 or 6 meals is less important than the fact that meals should be healthy, full of nutrients.We should also not hang on to specific hours, because it is much better to eat a meal a little later than to rush it straight from a plastic container.

Myth 20 Just exercise to lose weight

Physical activity requires energy.But first, it does not necessarily come from body fat, and secondly, in the case of a large caloric surplus, and this is not enough.Proposal?In order to lose weight effectively, we need both exercise, diet and … rest!


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Posted on: December 11, 2018

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