20 myths about weight loss (part 1/2)


Who at least once in his life was not on a slimming diet, let him first throw a stone.Overweight is more and more affecting people, so slimming is a topic whose popularity is growing.Unfortunately, many harmful myths have arisen around him.They distract from the dream effects and deprive us of motivation at the start.How is it with this weight loss?Here are the 20 most popular myths.

Myth 1 To lose weight, you must avoid fat.

Not true.Fat is extremely important for the functioning of the body.Vitamins (A, D, E and K) dissolve in the fat, it plays a huge role in the control of hormonal balance, and besides, it is a carrier of taste.It is best to choose healthy fats, for example those contained in olive oil, nuts or coconut oil.

Myth 2 In order to lose weight, you need a strict diet

Diet associate you with hunger and barren salads?It’s a popular mistake.Diets do not have to be rigorous.On the contrary, a well-constructed diet will make us feel hungry.What counts is a good selection of products (ensuring satiety and nutrients) and the determination of a small (200-300 kcal) calorie deficit.


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Myth 3 I can not lose weight because I have genes after mom / dad / grandma

Myth.Genetics can make it difficult, but it does not prevent you from losing weight.In addition, he is responsible for a small percentage of cases of obesity.Much more often we inherit bad eating habits, which are the most common cause of weight gain.However, the real problems with slimming may be due to metabolic diseases (eg Hashimoto), so it is worth investigating.

Myth 4 Instead of eating a meal, it’s better to drink fruit juice

The juices of his time were promoted as an alternative to a meal.It’s a past.Not only do they contain a lot of sugar (natural, but nevertheless), they are usually deprived of valuable fiber.Instead of drinking juice, it is better to decide on a healthy snack that will satisfy our hunger.To drink, let’s choose water, it’s the most perfect drink.

Myth 5 To get your dream figure, simply limit the calories

Yes, you can effectively and healthily lose weight using a caloric deficit.However, will we definitely get the figure that we’ve always dreamed about?Not necessarily.What is needed for this is physical exercise that will sculpt our muscles and a slim figure.A perfect figure is not only low fat, but also adequate muscle mass.


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Myth 6 I will not go to the gym because I will look like a man

Many women are afraid that strength exercises will make them bodybuilders.Do not be afraid of this.In the case of women, muscle growth is extremely difficult, because they do not haveas much testosterone as men.Silhouettes of exceptionally muscular women are most often the work of anabolic steroids.Heavy polyarticular exercises can bring many benefits, includingwaist improvement, buttocks rounding, legs and arms slimming etc.

Myth 7 To burn fat on the stomach, you should do crunches

Unfortunately, fat can not be burned locally, so the crunches will not bring results.It is much better to put on the muscles of the whole body, especially thighs, which are the largest in the body.What’s more, too frequent abdominal exercises are inadvisable, because they can widen the waist.Instead, put on squats, hip thrusts or dead strings.

Mit 8 is diet mediterranean / paleo / vegan / high fat

Clinging to specific diets makes no sense.The more so because many of them are ideologies that, for unknown reasons, reject products that are valuable for health. Do you want an effective diet?Go to a dietitian who will arrange it for you individually.

Myth 9 Fasting and fasting is a great way to lose weight

Myth .Deciding on fasting or fasting you will not lose body fat and valuable muscles.In addition, you will get your hormonal system under control.We strongly discourage, just as scientific publications do.

Myth 10 Exercise on an empty stomach is more effective

It’s a matter of fashion, not efficiency. It is much better to eat a meal before training, which will be a source of carbohydrates and amino acids for the body. Thanks to this you burn fat, not muscles.



Posted on: December 10, 2018

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