11 fat burners that you will find in your own kitchen


The basis for weight loss is a balanced diet combined with properly selected for the purposes of training.But this is not the end of our possibilities.The weight loss process itself will be supported by fat burners, ie substances or products that facilitate the metabolization of fat tissue.Yes, we can decide on the right supplement to speed up the metabolism, but many products that facilitate reduction can be found in your own kitchen.Here they are.


Coffee is a drink, without which many of us are not able to start the day.It has strong stimulating properties, which immediately puts us on our feet.The caffeine contained in coffee raises blood pressure and speeds up the metabolism, and thus, facilitates the burning of unnecessary calories.At the same time, we must remember not to provide them with sweetening coffee or adding cream to it.Gym enthusiasts appreciate coffee not only because of how it deals with adipose tissue.Due to the powerful energy boost it is also an excellent pre-workout. Just drink a cup of strong coffee for about 45 minutes before training to feel the extra power.


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Spicy spices are the basis for the diets of many nations considered thin, in particular from the territory of Asia.It’s not a coincidence.Capsaicin contained in hot peppers raises body temperature, accelerating metabolism.The behavior of a slim figure also affects by reducing the appetite.We find kapsaicin, among othersin cayenne pepper, spicy sauces and chili peppers, which are worth enriching the meal.However, remember to remove the seeds from the peppers, because they are extremely sharp.


Ginger affects weight loss doubly.First, it increases thermogenesis, which means it warms up the body.Secondly, it regulates processes that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and neutralize stomach acids.By providing convenient conditions for digesting food, it enables us to obtain maximum nutritional properties from it.

Red tea

Slimming properties of red tea are well known.It affects the production of digestive enzymes, accelerates intestinal peristalsis and facilitates fat burning.Polyphenols contained in red tea can also act anti-inflammatory, preventing infectious diseases.Due to the lower than in the case of green tea, the caffeine content, red tea is recommended for people with high blood pressure.


The hormone responsible largely for the management of fat tissue and the feeling of hunger is leptin.This protein is produced in adipocytes of subcutaneous adipose tissue.What relationship has leptin with turmeric?Turmeric, specifically the curcumin contained in it, reduces the viscous resistance, i.e. insensitivity to leptin.In the case of curing, notoriously we feel hunger (even after eating a full meal), while fat cells grow to unnatural size.It is worth eating curcuma.The right dose is about 1 teaspoon per day.


Fruit can be a great weight loss ally.However, you should choose those that provide a lot of vitamins and minerals, and little sugar.One of them is grapefruit.It also has cleansing properties, lowering blood glucose levels and facilitating fat burning.

Apple vinegar

Are you planning a cavernous feast full of fatty dishes? You do not have to deny yourself the pleasure.However, it is worth to somehow prevent the calorific surplus.In this role, apple cider vinegar, which reduces the absorption of fat into the body, will perfectly work.Just add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to achieve a noticeable effect.However, you should not overdo it with apple vinegar, because fat is extremely necessary for the body, includingenables the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Are you missing an apple pie with cinnamon?Today we will only deal with this spicy addition.Cinnamon lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels and improves brain blood supply.At the same time, it improves the digestive system and accelerates fat burning.How to eat cinnamon?It’s best to add it to porridge or coffee, it’s delicious!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is associated with a cold, but the actual effect is noticed much more in weight loss. Takes part in almost all processes related to fat loss.It enhances lipolysis, stimulates the production of L-carnitine, prevents the uptake of glucose and also activates the iron necessary for burning fat. Where to get vitamin C from? Not necessarily with lemons. A much better source will be paprika, blackcurrant or grapefruit.


The presence of protein in the reduction diet is extremely important.Why?First of all, it provides a positive nitrogen balance.We prevent catabolic processes, i.e. loss of muscle mass.And it is worth remembering that slimming is not about losing kilograms at all costs, but about getting rid of excess fat tissue.In addition, the protein provides a feeling of satiety for much longer than carbohydrates.

Black pepper

Salt and pepper are the two most popular spices in the kitchen.The latter contains piperine, an alkaloid with a sharp bitter taste.It is located in the top layer of black pepper and has extremely interesting properties.In 2012, it was proved that piperine can block the formation of new fat cells and decrease its level in the blood.It also improves the digestion of food and the absorption of valuable nutrients, includingvitamins C, A, beta carotene, selenium and coenzyme Q.

These natural ingredients from the kitchen can significantly accelerate your weight loss, so turn them into the diet and check the effects.They are also found in many popular supplements, such as fat burners or pre-workout.It is a natural and proven way to improve the reduction, thanks to which you will achieve life form!


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Posted on: December 10, 2018

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