100 kg reduction diet – an example of a nutritional plan


The 100 kg reduction diet helps in the gradual and controlled loss of unnecessary fat. It should not be confused with the drastic reduction of calories consumed or even with starvation. People often have problems with the arrangement of a good diet plan and are quickly discouraged. Below is an example of a reduction diet for a man weighing 100 kg.


100 kg reduction diet – how to start?

The first stage of the reduction diet is to determine the caloric demand. For the purposes of calculations, let’s assume that the man is 180 cm tall and is 30 years old. The caloric demand can be calculated using the PPM formula according to Harris and Benedict, multiplying the result by the average physical activity coefficient.


PPM for men (kcal / day) = 66.47 + 13.75 W + 5 H – 6.75 A


Where W – body mass in kg, H – height in cm, A – age in years


So let’s calculate the Basic Metabolism for a man aged 30, weighing 100 kg and a height of 180 cm.

PPM = 66.47 + (13.75 * 100) + (5 * 180) – (6.75 * 30) = 66.47 + 1375 + 900 – 202.50 = 2139 kcal / day.


Next, consider the activity coefficient, assuming that the man trains twice a week, and his job is to drive a truck.

1.0 – lying or sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity

1,2 – sitting work, low physical activity

1,4 – sitting work, training twice a week

1.6 – light physical work, training 3-4 times a week

1.8 – physical work, training 5 times a week

2.0 – hard physical work, daily training

2.2 – competitive sport


CPM will be 2139 kcal * 1.4 = 2994 kcal / day.

The second stage should be detailed body measurements. The most advantageous measurements include the measurement on the body composition analyzer and the centimeter measurement. As long as the body weight does not change at first, the silhouette will be thinning when you lose fat and maintain muscle mass. To monitor the progress and possibly modify the reduction plan, measurements should be taken every 1-2 weeks.


Reduction diet 100 kg – an example menu


The total metabolism of a man weighing 100 kg is 2994 kcal / day. Let’s assume an initial caloric deficit of 400 kcal, so a man should consume 2600 kcal. The macronutrient division is 25% energy from proteins (162 g), 25% energy from fat (72 g) and 50% (325 g) energy from carbohydrates.


Breakfast – protein porridge

Oatmeal – 80g

Whey protein with vanilla flavor – 30g

Nectarine – 1 piece

Walnuts – 12 g

Milk 1.5% – 200 ml

Cinnamon – a pinch

Sum B 38 g, T 18 g, W 80 g, 635 calories

Oatmeal pour milk and water, add a pinch of salt, cook until thickened. Add fruit at the end of cooking. Pour into a bowl, mix with whey protein, sprinkle with nuts.


II breakfast – Sandwiches with cottage cheese and paprika

Wholemeal rye bread – 2 slices (75 g)

Semi-fat curd cheese – 80 g

Natural yogurt – 2 tablespoons (50 g)

Sesame – 1 teaspoon (5 g)

Peppers – 1 pieces

Fresh chives

The sum of B 24 g, T 6 g, W52 g, 325 calories

Curd mix with natural yoghurt and sesame seeds. Serve on bread, with paprika and chives.


Lunch – Pork roast with plum

Pork loin with plum – 160 g (2 slices)

Pearl barley – 110 g

Carrot and apple salad – 200 g

Olive oil – 5 g

The sum of B 47 g, T 26 g, W 108 g, 825 calories


Cut out the pocket in a loin, stuff with plums (2 pcs). Season the meat with your favorite spices. Fry in a pan with a bit of clarified butter, put into the oven, bake to cut the meat. Place the carrot and apple on the grater, mix the seasoning to taste, add the oil. Cook the porridge according to the recipe on the packaging.


Afternoon tea – raspberry smoothie

Raspberries – 150 g

Kefir 2% fat – 250 g

Wheat bran – 14 g

The sum of B 13 g, T 6 g, W38 g, 200 calories

Mix ingredients for a cocktail. Use frozen raspberries, add water if necessary.


Supper – Salad with grilled chicken and noodles

Lettuce – any amount

Grilled chicken – 120 g

Cocktail tomato – 150 g

Black olives – 12 g

Dressing – 1 tablespoon of oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of mustard, 1/2 teaspoon of honey

Rye pasta – 65 g

The sum of B 33 g, T 17g, W 63 g, 540 calories

Pasta cook al dente, cool. Fill the lettuce, add tomatoes, olives and fried without fat or grilled chicken. Prepare the dressing of the given ingredients. Mix with noodles.


Reduction diet 100 kg – summary

Warning! The following reduction diet for a man of 100 kg is not a typical bodybuilding diet. The presented menu is a proposal of a fully-balanced, balanced reduction diet, which can be used by men with similar parameters. However, it should be remembered that every organism is different and may not react to the given calorific value and the division of macronutrients. After training, eat a wholesome meal – lunch or dinner.

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