10 tips for training and nutrition for ectomorphics


Are you an ectomorfic and suffer that you are still very slim? Any amount of calories consumed is digested by your metabolism, which makes muscle mass gain an extremely difficult challenge? Do not worry about the ectomorph! In your case, picking up the weight is very difficult, but not impossible. Your workout and diet must be closely connected. Learn 10 tips to help you gain muscle mass.


  1. Be full but not full

Try to eat foods that are high in calories, and healthy, providing the right nutrients and a lot of vitamins, and above all protein. Well, if you bet on steaks, whole boiled eggs, dried fruit, oatmeal, etc. Do not overeat, because the feeling of fullness is not indicated here.


  1. Sleep a lot

Remember that sleep is health. You can not lead an irregular lifestyle. To lie down at too late a hour and get up in the dark without dawn. Not the way. If you dream about good results, you have to sleep at least 8, and preferably 9 hours. During sleep, there are also building processes in our body. Going to the gym in a situation where you have not recovered fully will bring more harm than good.


  1. Eat calories in liquid

Liquid calories in the form of sheiks will allow you to quickly supplement the necessary nutrients to build your figure. In addition to the time before and after training, you can drink it several times a day. Make it from high-calorie products such as peanut butter, linseed, coconut oil, oatmeal, protein conditioner, fruit, etc. Let yourself have a little fantasy. Or it can simply be a gainer.


  1. Avoid isolated exercise

Forget about isolated exercises that you like very much, because they will not allow you to quickly gain muscle mass evenly across the body. Focus on multi-joint exercises such as squeezing a barbell above the head, squeezing a barbell on a bench, deadlift, squats. Such exercises involve large muscle parts for work, and also smaller ones. For the ektomorphic the smaller volume is usually better. Fewer repetitions with as much weight as you want.


  1. Use cardio sensibly

For sure you have heard that the ektomorfik should give up cardio training altogether. There is a logic in this, but this is not entirely true. If you do it wisely, even in the plan of the ektomorphic there is a place for cardio. Therefore, do this training with low or medium intensity for 20-30 minutes. 2 or 3 such sessions will keep your heart in good condition and ensure proper transport of nutrients to muscle cells.


  1. Few repetitions, heavy weight

Decide on a training plan that assumes fewer repetitions when increasing the weight. Work in the range of 6-10 repetitions will be perfect.


  1. Big weight, longer break

Because you will use heavy weights, you also need to increase the intervals between sets to regain maximum power. This will allow you to perform another heavy series and better contribute to overall muscle growth. Rest for 2 to 3 minutes.


  1. Do not be afraid of fat

If you are an ectomorphic and you have been afraid of fat, you must change it! Healthy fats are the best friend of the ectomorphics because they are high energy and contribute to building muscle mass. Do not give up on carbohydrate intake for fat. Both macronutrients are needed in the nutritional plan.


  1. Choose the right carbohydrates

Be sure to eat a lot of carbohydrates after training. This is the time when you need to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to start regeneration, glycogen rebuilding, etc. Carbohydrates consumed immediately after training should be simple, i.e. dextrose or maltodextrin.


  1. Be patient and strive for a goal

At the end, a large dose of patience is necessary, because building muscle and athletic figure takes time. First of all, do not be discouraged right away, but rather try to motivate each day again, because it will be necessary for you. If at some point you doubt, try to get up and move on. Increase the intensity of training, the number of calories, and this will translate into the development of muscles.

Posted on: November 2, 2018

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