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The most important principles of safe dieting

The purpose of the reduction diet is to reduce weight. It should be remembered, however, that this objective should not be achieved at all costs. There are some rules you must follow to losing weight was not only effective, but also safe, but afterwards, there was no undesirable yo-yo effect.

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Dieting consistent with the blood group

As you know, an effective fight against obesity requires a diet adapted to individual needs of a person. When planning a menu you need to take into account first of all the weight, health, age and lifestyle. Some people argue, however, that the diet should also be adjusted to blood group. While not everyone agrees with this theory, however, it is worth explaining how people with different blood groups should eat.

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What to eat after a workout?

A proper meal before physical training allows you to properly prepare the body to intensive exercises. However, a proper nutrition after training is equally important, because the lack of certain nutrients can ruin effects of exercises and has a negative impact on well-being.

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Cod – calories, nutritional values, species and curiosities

Atlantic cod, also called langoust (our native Baltic cod is its subspecies) has been one of the most popular fish on our plates for years. And very well, because its valuable composition and nutritional values are really worth attention. In addition, cod has delicate meat that tastes both for adults…

Products loved by children who should not be served to them

How is it that you will refuse your child? Sometimes it's better to refuse because health is more important than the temporary pleasure of eating. We decided to collect in one place products liked by children, which should definitely be denied to children.  __ Here you can find supplements supporting…

Can you drink tap water?

No one probably has any doubts that we should care for the environment. Many people would like to contribute to the care of our planet, but on the other hand there is concern, for example, about whether drinking tap water is safe. And if it is not - should we…

Mushrooms in the diet – is it worth eating?

Mushrooms, although they are treated as plants, belong to the separate kingdom - the kingdom of fungi in the category of systematics. Mushrooms, although they contain a lot of water, can provide the body with essential nutrients.  Vegetables and fruits are very colorful, and their color reflects the content of…

Churns, crisps and breadsticks – why can crispy snacks addiction?

Consumers really like to munch snacks - for example, instead of a light dinner, or between meals. However, prunes, breadsticks and crisps can be addictive. Hedonic hyperphagia is associated with addiction to snacks, ie the phenomenon of overeating for pleasure and reward. It has nothing to do with satisfying hunger.…

Blackberries – calories, nutritional values ​​and curiosities

Summer is the time when blackberries appear on stalls and in stores. It is worth taking advantage of their benefits and include them in your diet. Blackberries are not as popular in our diet as other summer berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blueberries), which is a pity - they have many…

Iron deficiency as a result of absorption disorders

The process of iron absorption takes place in the digestive system. The preparation of iron for absorption into the system begins in the gastric juice. A real cascade of biochemical reactions takes place in the duodenum. Once the divalent iron atoms are ready to pass from the gut to the…

Highly processed food – the reasons why we reach for it

Highly processed food is unhealthy - there is no doubt about it. However, even though consumers are aware of it, it is still very popular. Eating unhealthy foods leads to obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. On the other hand, there are a number of factors…

Inositol, or vitamin B8 – functions, demand and sources

Inositol (actually its isometric form of myo-inositol) also known as vitamin B8 is a unique nutrient. Its unusual character is related to the fact that it can be synthesized by the body. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, it should not be called a vitamin at all.  Vitamin B8…

What happens in the body when we only consume two meals a day?

Eating too often is usually associated with the consumption of very large portions. Even three meals a day are currently considered the minimum - the recommended amount of meals in a daily menu is about 4-5 meals.  However, adjusting your menu to such requirements is somewhat difficult. On the other…