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The most important principles of safe dieting

The purpose of the reduction diet is to reduce weight. It should be remembered, however, that this objective should not be achieved at all costs. There are some rules you must follow to losing weight was not only effective, but also safe, but afterwards, there was no undesirable yo-yo effect.

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Dieting consistent with the blood group

As you know, an effective fight against obesity requires a diet adapted to individual needs of a person. When planning a menu you need to take into account first of all the weight, health, age and lifestyle. Some people argue, however, that the diet should also be adjusted to blood group. While not everyone agrees with this theory, however, it is worth explaining how people with different blood groups should eat.

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What to eat after a workout?

A proper meal before physical training allows you to properly prepare the body to intensive exercises. However, a proper nutrition after training is equally important, because the lack of certain nutrients can ruin effects of exercises and has a negative impact on well-being.

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Why it is worth to run?

Running is a sport that is very popular among people of all ages. Its popularity can be seen even watching photos and films of organized from time to time marathons. There are several reasons why jogging attracts so high interest. Firstly, you can run anywhere. This sport does not require…

Slimming in heart and cardiovascular diseases

Among diseases, which contribute to overweight and obesity are diseases of heart and the circulatory system. The appearance of the first symptoms is a sign that it's time to start dieting. However, the situation is more complicated than in the case of people who do not have such health problems.…