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The most important principles of safe dieting

The purpose of the reduction diet is to reduce weight. It should be remembered, however, that this objective should not be achieved at all costs. There are some rules you must follow to losing weight was not only effective, but also safe, but afterwards, there was no undesirable yo-yo effect.

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Dieting consistent with the blood group

As you know, an effective fight against obesity requires a diet adapted to individual needs of a person. When planning a menu you need to take into account first of all the weight, health, age and lifestyle. Some people argue, however, that the diet should also be adjusted to blood group. While not everyone agrees with this theory, however, it is worth explaining how people with different blood groups should eat.

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What to eat after a workout?

A proper meal before physical training allows you to properly prepare the body to intensive exercises. However, a proper nutrition after training is equally important, because the lack of certain nutrients can ruin effects of exercises and has a negative impact on well-being.

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How to carve your stomach?

Abdominal muscles are the most desirable muscle part. Every guy wants to have a nicely sculpted belly, success in women and satisfaction. Do not forget that the abdominal muscles are very important because they create the muscular corset that keeps our torso. Strong abdominal muscles are a strong body, which…

Strength training + intervals = success!

Quite often it happens that those who have been training for a long time, despite the advancement in training, proper nutrition and technical knowledge, do not achieve satisfactory results. It is enough to pay attention to athletes practicing sprints or long and high jumps. They are usually better built than…

Train on the sofa! The best exercises at home!

Would you like to take care of the form, but you usually choose a sofa instead of a workout? Combine two in one! In this article, we present exercises that you can do at home. Try the suggestions from the list below and see how to combine business with pleasure.…

Drop the drum – the best exercises for the stomach!

Summer is approaching, the holiday season and everyone wants to have beautiful pictures, look good on the beach. How to do it? Above all, it is worth paying attention to the diet, but what next? You should also remember to include the stomach in your training plan. The best exercises…

Maximizing the effects at the gym

Everyone who trains with strength wants to achieve the best results. We want our muscles to be bigger, stronger, sculpted and ideally proportioned. We want to squeeze as much as possible out of our body. Below are some tips on how to make our muscles grow as we want. Superseries…

Soy milk – health properties, advantages and disadvantages

Soy milk is a milk whose properties and nutritional value arouse much controversy Many people wonder if soy milk is healthy, is it good for children and infants, what are its advantages and disadvantages, everything because of the composition - it contains isoflavones Check what effect soy milk has on…

Stereotypes regarding leg training

Squats are multi-joint exercises that have a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, they are quite reluctant to choose by the exercisers. There are many reasons. Squats are demanding exercises, and there are many nonsense beliefs about leg training. The practitioners assume that "you can not see the legs, so why bother…

Swimming, or how to swim for success?

Many people do cardio training using standard equipment such as a treadmill, a stationary bike, orbitrek. After some time, monotony sneaks into such training, but due to the lack of other instruments for this form of training, we stay with what we have. An alternative to cardio training can be…

Dead string – the king of all exercises

Big and known names of the world of bodybuilding, biathlon and powerlifting unanimously treat the deadlift as the best exercise of all. In their opinion, if the training were to be based only on one exercise, it would be a deadlift. The benefits of proper exercise are enormous. It is…

HST training

Of course, many of us have heard about training plans, some have explored the topic, using literature and industry portals, and others have tried them on themselves. Some training plans turn out to be more effective than others, but the goal of each of them remains the same - to…